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a beautiful disaster

if you've ever wondered what the mind of a hurricane personified looked it is

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"Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B.)" – OutKast

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"Your soul needs bacon"


Truer words have never been spoken

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These words of mine choose the most inopportune times to congregate in the forefront of my mind…
so loudly that even in the silence of my subconscious they resonate within every fiber of my being…
imploring me to transform their abstract nature into something more concrete…this poetry, although most times i find comforting, just may be the death of me…

For the first time, you touched me not as a lover but as someone whom you had little regard for…you forced my face into your place of pleasure, between those thighs that served as a resting place…as though in times prior i hadn’t willingly resided there.. but for reasons different from your own…I was nowhere near satiated but your sweet taste now spoiled by the bitterness of your intent. In your passive aggressive rage you forced my face away only to literally and metaphorically degrade me with words uncharacteristic of love and respect..nonetheless, i love you…unselfishly, with nothing but care and concern..i only wish that it wasn’t because of an instant moment of non sober carelessness that I learned what we subconsciously knew…that you don’t love me the way that i love you..


1st salute to The Black Dragon - James Milton "Jim" Kelly

May 5, 1946 - 
June 29, 2013 (67 years strong)

you look like the type… the type that rocks ankhs and spits poetry
and i’m pretty sure that you prefer shea butter and hand crafted jewelry
it’s more than obvious cuz from jump, you corrected me
making sure that I knew that there was “absolutely nothing dreadful” about your hair
and after you explained and we conversed more… i think i started to care…amidst wondering…who could this woman be? direct but mysterious, loves to laugh but still serious… who are you?

lemme guess, you burn incense in between higher learning sessions
and philosophize with conscious guys about cultural progression…
you prolly only date dudes who wear locs and ankhs, whose favorite reading was Stolen Legacy…
and you prolly don’t wear panties but if a brotha dropped knowledge about that Paolo Friere “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” you might just consider getting undressed…

because you’re the type that gets off on intellectual stimulation
am i anywhere near correct yet?

you seem like the type of woman that won’t rock diamonds because you don’t want the blood of dead men on ya conscience…
you prolly don’t wear chains cuz they represent “shackles for the modern day slave…”
and BET makes you cringe
you haven’t the slightest idea who the hottest rapper is….

cuz you only listen to OutKast…
i peeped that the other day when you tweeted that
“you’re too young to be settling down, quick to change my mind tomorrow so now can I borrow…”

speaking of… can i borrow your [not so] timid torso, more so than your soul?
i digress
i guess that was rather bold

i could be wrong about you but i doubt it…
you seem like you’ve lived around the world and know all there is about it…
and even if you didn’t, i’d still believe you
because in your eyes and on your tongue lies the truth…

i’ve got no other choice but to listen to you… soul sistah…

i’m 14 pages away from completing my thesis… the first draft is due in two days… in theory, i should be able to finish it without many issues… but then i got on tumblr…

to be fair, tumblr always makes me feel better about life lol…


girl yes

i need her…and the set…

"Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again."

Buddha (via thecalminside)


My Brown Girl Chronicles:

  1. Sometimes, you just gotta turn around and hug your own butt
  2. Self-love
  3. Introvert time
  4. Every now and then, look at yourself naked and know it could always be worse.

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lmaooooooo… i know why my ass is so flat… and i’ve made my peace with it… it wouldn’t be fair for me to have a phattie and long locs/freckles/perfect smile/pretty titties… it just wouldn’t lol


Ogun and Oshun! Dance to the beat of the drums and the music, beautiful painting. Wish I knew who the artist was!


best ending.


Good Vibes HERE






Eat Your Tardigrades or You Don’t Get Dessert!

You know this little guy, right? It’s the mighty tardigrade, as featured in the new Cosmos. Tardigrades, also known as water bears, also known as FREAKIN’ MOSS PIGLETS, are microscopic eight-legged animals that can withstand temperatures from near absolute zero to boiling water, absorb extreme doses of radiation, go without food or water for ten years, and even survive the vacuum of space. They can even be completely dried out and ride on the wind to a new home, where they rehydrate and go about their tardibusiness. Tardigrade rain, folks.

In other words, they are BAMFs (bad-ass microfauna).

Oh, and you’ve probably eaten them. Thanks to Meg Lowman, I found out that these water-dwelling super-critters live not only on wild mosses and wet plants, but on grocery store produce like lettuce and spinach. Do you think that a mere rinse or shake under the faucet (or even cooking) is enough to dislodge a radiation-eating space pig? Ha! Not by a long shot, according to Lowman.

So yeah… trying to go strictly vegetarian? You’ve almost certainly eaten some tardigrades. Sorry. Don’t worry, though. They’re totally harmless. I like to imagine that when I eat them, I absorb their power, and become a little bit mightier.

New motto: For strength, eat your vegetables and eat your tardigrades.

Meg Lowman has more about your local tardigrade friends. Also check out Lowman’s awesome research project that helps wheelchair-bound students climb to the top of the forest canopy where they help study tardigrade biodiversity. Science is for everyone!

i love its stupid face


did you know england sent them in to space and called it tardigrades in space and shortened it down to tardis

UPDATE: I just looked that last part up and yes, the European Space Agency did launch tardigrades into space to test their supposed invincibility as part of a mission called “Tardigrades In Space” that they did abbreviate as TARDIS.

Well played, Europe.

Read about that 2007 mission here and here.